Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Chicken Feeder Collection?


Something every girl should have.....a chicken feeder collection! 

It's especially true, when you're the girl who has gone into the chicken's pen to snatch up that special feeder......the one you came for in the first place and the one you were bound and determine to NOT leave without.

IMG_0673Cool, huh?  I even collected the chicken fertilizer and cobwebs!

I cannot believe my definition of fun but this was a fun farm sale....chicken farm!  I read the ad on Craigslist for an estate sale on a chicken farm that was located about two miles from our house, well, I couldn't miss that. 

Just on a hunch, we went an hour early....sure enough....buyers were already there hauling out the goodies. 

Really, all I wanted was the round feeder in the middle....I'm going to use it in the garden for a planter.  In my search for the one I wanted, I came across the other three....woo hoo, a chicken feeder collection!  Also, really.....I did go into a chicken barn with chickens in it, well not exactly where I was, and snatched "my" feeder.  I did ask permission knew I would....sure you did! LOL

And, one more treasure I found hiding in a crusty, dusty out building!

IMG_0670  IMG_0671A child's rusty, but darn cute, Radio Flyer wheelbarrow.  Oh, yes, another cool little planter.....I'm going to need to buy more property, I'm running out of room for all my planters!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is blessing you with all the things you treasure and a few pleasant surprises!   


elle said...

Wow! I could use that teeny feeder. My farmer has 4 ducks and 10 turkeys in the basement! I can't wait for it to warm up. The ducklings broke out already! lol And the wee wheelbarrow. Perfect!

Fresh Linen said...

I am telling you you've got gold there. A certain couple of BH guys sell that stuff for mucho money. Their client's can not get enough of the barnyard chic*!*

Jane said...

Sounds like a fun sale!! You picked up some great chicken feeders. I have a one (like the one on the left in your photo) that I store ribbon in.
Love that wheelbarrow too!