Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A gift for a special young woman.......

A few days back I posted one of my recent altered books and mentioned I had just finished another one.  The second book is a gift for my almost 17 year old Granddaughter and it is intended, by me, to be a journal.

And not JUST a journal but an art journal, a book, that we will have done collaboratively.  She is a very artistic and imaginative young lady and I can see her adding her wonderful words and art to this book which will make it her creation.  I am just providing the framework, she will build the house.

I wanted the cover to look old, aged and rusty.  So, like the photo below, I glued cheese cloth over the book cover and added brass hardware.  I forgot to take the before picture, as you can see, so this is a simulation.

book cover 013

  After all this was glued down securely, the cover was painted with metal filings, front and back, and treated with a chemical to quickly rust the metal.  All that comes in a kit you can be purchased at most craft stores.



12 days and cover 019 Final finished book cover!











book cover 009 Back and front cover when finished.  I used some metallic gold paint and "scrumbled" it on in a few places for highlights.

Here is the front inside cover and first page.......

book 003

And the rest of the pages that follow.............

book 004

book 005

book 006

On the page on the right and below there is a dried rose under a piece of mica and both were 007 taped to a paper written by a young man and dated 1926.  He was studying agriculture and received an A minus!

book 008

book 009

book 011

This page was painted with chalkboard paint and the page opposite is here.......

book 012book 014 book 013

The layout above relate to a train trip she, her mother and a friend took to Seattle to meet the author of the Twilight series and attend a book signing.  The manila envelope taped between the two pages can hold memorabilia.  There are three envelopes in the book for that 015

book 017

book 018


I left a space between two pages and added a small book for her to write the titles of the books she reads.  Some day, she'll look back with pride at the number of books she read.

I finished the bottom of the page with eyelets and beads!


book 025


This is the book within the book.  She is an avid reader, even with eight pages she'll fill that up in no time.





I left about six pages unfinished in the book.  She can write, draw or add to them in any way she sees fit.

book 021 book 019

book 023

Originally this was a book about stamps and was a school library book.  So, I left the original check out page, dated back to October 1963, in place and added the stamps to the facing page, as a nod to the original intent of the book.

I hope you enjoyed, please stop by again.  I'm linking to Met Monday at Between naps on the Porch and I'm off to visit Marty's Anything Goes Tabletop Tuesday.


Manzanita said...

Congratulations on your books and your talented Granddaughter..... so much like Grandma. :) Two extremely creative people.
I wish you a Grand Holiday, Christmas and New Years.
Wanna buy a duck.

Gillian Layne said...

Wow. What a gorgeous gift!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is such a wonderful project for your granddaughter to cherish forever, what a very lucky young lady. Your attention to detail is just amazing.
I will never forget the projects I worked on with my grandmother...wonderful memories.
A Very Happy and Safe New Year to you.