Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

Some of you are familiar with ATC (artist trading cards) swaps and other swaps that crafters and artists are participating in......well, I just took part in my very first swap.

What that means is, a lovely woman named Elizabeth hosted the "12 Days of Christmas" altered art swap.  Twelve artist signed up to do their interpretation of one of the twelve days of the song.  After completing their 12 pieces, they were to wrap them, send them to Elizabeth and receive back, in the mail, a set of eleven different 5 by 5 inch original works of art.

I got busy an made mine, so excited to see what I would get in exchange! 

Beginning yesterday, a Partridge in a Pear Tree Monday,  women in my group began opening their day at a time..and here is mine.....Day 2, Two Turtledoves.

Drum roll please....................

12 days and cover 013

And here is how it came together.............

 etc. 002Using hand painted paper, made by Ann Munson, I cut the white background, laid down the bingo card and cut a small piece, for the bird's background, from the wonderful paper Ann had painted.

etc. 004   Here are the pieces laid out and ready to assemble.  I cut one bird from tea dyed muslin, to make it darker and to give depth to the piece, then the white bird is cut from batting with red polka dot fabric for its' tail.  I stamped the back of a Bingo piece with the number two, cut some mesh from a fruit bag and made feet from vintage artificial flower pistils.  Not shown, is the leaf I stamped and cut out of a page of text.

etc. 005

Placement determined, it is time for the glue!

etc. 003

etc. 014

Next came the wrapping for the package.  I placed each card in a cellophane bag on which I had glued a piece of sheet music, some red paper then a white sheet stamped with a bird cage and I added two red birds.


The packaging process.....almost done..........

Voila'...........the packaged gifts, ready to mail!


Since we weren't "legally" suppose to open our packages until December 13 and I have trouble following directions....(I have opened mine, shhhhhh don't tell anyone)....and love every one of them.....but you don't get to see them until December 25. can follow Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover where everyday for the next ten days she will be showing you these wonderful cards or come back here for the great reveal on Christmas Day!

To read more about this swap go to Jackie Smith's blog.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure you saw my e-mail message that I don't have one of yours. I would love to take one of your photos and use on my blog, please. I'm sick. The packaging alone, when I saw the sneak peek made me want to dive into it. It is so well done, both inside and out.

BTW, you are my blog pick for Dec. 14, even though I'm not going to have any of your art to show for it.

LV said...

That is a very pretty card. I have found so many blogging friends that make lovely cards. In fact, I have been blessed to receive some of them.

donnalouiserodgers said...

WOW hope you keep on swapping - these are fantastic art squares - and I think I too would just have to look at them all the moment I received them - I never have been good at deferring pleasure!!!

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

I love, love the birdcage on the sheetmusic. I have so much of my Dad's old sheetmusic. I have been inspired by a few ideas on how to use it.
I absolutely love the way you displayed the nativity. So very sweet. Christmas Blessings, Lisa