Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You've been there.....a fabulous piece of fabric you can't bring yourself to cut!

I would like to share with this week's White Wednesday participants and readers, two of my favorite whites!

One, of course, relates to the piece of fabric I just could not bring myself to cut.  A few years back I found this huge piece of white fabric at a garage sale for a couple dollars.  I bought it, washed it, took a look and what I saw was this beautiful 136 inch long and about 60 inch wide piece of soft, sheer linen.  It had a small tear on one end, the ends were hemstitched, so it was a finished piece intended for what, I had no idea!  A very long tablecloth, maybe.

It sat in the cupboard, every once in a while I would look at it and think about making pillows or something with this beauty but I could not bring myself to cut it up.  You know, I was saving it for something SPECIAL! 

When we painted and redecorated our bedroom I had an "ah-ha" moment, I would make a curtain.  But, wait, that would require cutting.......no not if I did this....

since the piece was so long, I just folded it over a curtain rod and used my collection of old rhinestone pins to hold it
in place.

I did have to add a strip of a similar white fabric to the sides to make it wide enough to cover this sliding glass door.  Still feeling the "need" to preserve this piece of fabric, I stitched the side pieces on by hand.
 Then I added a drapery rod on top and a pair of white drapes.  Because there is a public park on the other side of our backyard, at times, a little privacy is needed but the curtain allows the natural light into the room.

Captain Jack can nap while keeping an eye out for neighbors walking their dogs!  He fancy's himself the "Greeter" of park users.

My second favorite white is this lamp which hangs beside the bed.  I bought it at Stars in Portland and I Love, Love, Love it.  It has hung in other room but I like it best HERE

Some day I may overcome my irrational reservations about cutting up the piece of linen but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the beauty and softness of the fabric as it hangs at the window and I love the wall sconce, no matter where it is. 

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Faded Charm said...

I love you idea for the curtain using old rhinstone pins. It turned out wonderful and the lamp is great too.

~Happy WW~


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

GREAT idea...love the little bling!!

Journal Swag said...

Yum YUMMY idea with the beautiful linen! I LOVE it!! Soooooooo pretty! The lamp is pretty too!