Thursday, April 22, 2010

Connecting with my relatives in Norway!

Recently, I connected with two of my relatives in Norway through our cousin in Sweden and Facebook.

Can you imagine what our mother's would have thought?  Earlier today I was chatting on Facebook with our mutual relative, Ann, in Sweden.  I was finishing lunch and she was getting ready for bed, but thanks to modern technology, she was telling me about her daughter and I was telling her I was pulling weeds in the garden.

I had, also, e-mailed Marit in Norway earlier today, after reading her blog, and telling her about the collages I do.

I thought I would like to share with Marit and Veronika, my recently found cousins, two collages I made for our cousin Ann and her sister.

old girls 003


The background of this collage is a book cover, covered with a page from an old book, lace, Norwegian postal stamp, fabric and a flowers made of tiny shells.



I used a old, deep red velvet photo album cover for the background of this piece, with fabric and lace stitched together and the family photos added.

old girls 001

It's the people in these photos that demonstrate how we are related. 

The round photos are sister and brother, Hans and Ingeborg Ansnes. Their half-sisters, Inga, on the left, and Anna Berg are in the other photo.  They all had the same mother but Hans and Ingeborg's father died when they were young and their mother remarried, Peter Berg.

Inga Berg, from Peter and Anna's union, was my grandmother, who married, Ole Holden.  Their only daughter, Jennie, was my mother.  My Mother was born in Hitra, Norway in 1904 and came, with her parents, to the U.S. in 1909 and settled in South Dakota.

If, I understand correctly Marit is from Hans side of the family and I'm not sure about Veronika, hopefully, she tell me after she reads this.

I think the pictures help us understand our relationship a little better and gives me a chance to show off my art work.

I'm sure that this post will be of little interest to those outside of our family but it is important, I think, for us to remember where we came from.  I believe the core of who we are comes from our forebears and we are their link to immortality.

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Staci said...

I love the red one!!! I still feel so lucky that we have such a great connection with our european realtions.