Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Wednesday….all about Bauer pottery!


white wednesday 013 In the early ‘90s I feel in love with pottery……..bright, colorful pottery.  At first, I would buy pieces just for the color but as the collection grew I decided to concentrate on just one manufacture……….thus the beginning of a fairly large collection of Bauer pottery.

We still have many colorful pieces of kitchen ware but today I’m sharing some of the white pieces.

miscel. 009

The two tall vases on the back of the top shelf, my husband found at Goodwill for a dollar or two each, boy, was he happy!  The candleholders we got at Expo.  The ducks came from the Salem Collector’s Market.  That’s one of the fun parts of collecting, remembering when and where a piece came into your possession.

miscel. 005

Every good Bauer collector should have a swan or two!

miscel. 006

Aside from Bauer, I love and collect, shells.  This great three shell dish I purchased at a very wet, outdoor sale in Camas last September from Debbie at Ormolulu.  Another memorable day!


Faded Charm said...

You've got some great pieces of white pottery. i, too have collected for quite a few years and love them. Thanks for playing along today.


Jan said...

Thank you for going to the trouble to find my blog. I'm very new at this, you can tell. I've gotten to know Sheila from Halo Hill and she encouraged me to start blogging. She assured me it was easy, sure, when you know how and you think before you hit publish. We visited you Christmas show, loved it. Jan

Anonymous said...
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