Saturday, February 27, 2010

Drawing 101

I took a fun portrait drawing/painting workshop today at the Woodburn Art Center.

drawing class 002

They have such a light filled workroom.  On the walls are examples of other classes that are currently being taught at the facility by various teachers.

drawing class 003

Students gathering supplies while, Richard, the instructor looks on.




drawing class 004

Class mascot, Brody.  He had worked hard…….needed a nap!



drawing class 005

drawing class 006

My work in progress drawing above. The ladies at this table were much more creative in their use of color and design.  Free expression was encouraged!

drawing class 008

I love to see what other people do.  So much fun to be in a room with all that creativity going on!


drawing class 007


Tho’ it was fun, it was work too…….you have to concentrate, it seems! 

Great way to spend a Saturday.

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