Sunday, May 18, 2014

All work and no play..........

you know the rest! 

I've been buried in bark dust, weeds, moss killer, gravel and paint!  It's called "spring" at my house and for some strange reason, I love it!

My easy to maintain chickens........very low egg production, however!

Seriously, things are a bloomin' and the weeds are a growin'......let me show you around my garden.


Crown Princess Margarita climbing rose.

Sorbet peony.
Funky yard sculpture.
Come sit a spell.
Herb garden.....chives and lemon balm.
I am one of those crazy people who enjoy pulling weeds and trimming shrubs.  I like the silence, the fresh air, and the sense of accomplishment.  This week we are going to refurbish and paint a fence!  That will spruce things up!
I did find time for some sketching..........
I love this quote and Marcel Proust eyes!  Quote reads:  Be grateful to the people who make us happy.  They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  Nice, huh?


Halle said...

Your garden is delightful! Your chicken remark "cracked" me up. ;)
Love your sketch!! WOW!

Julie said...

It must be so nice to be back outside again! Love you gorgeous peonies!!!!!

elle said...

We could use some heat but we have begun as well. Looks great, Jan!!!

Dianne said...

I love gardens, and the features in yours: the sculpture, the chair, the gorgeous roses. however, I am just not much of a gardener! too lazy I think, would rather be drawing. great sketch too!