Monday, November 18, 2013

Triple chain stitch.......

Have my book bound!  Made some mistakes since this was first time doing this binding stitch, Triple Chain Stitch, but is was easy and fast and I love the finished product.

I used the covers from a herb book and some paper/fabric for the spine and 4-ply waxed linen thread for stitching this cool design!

A peek of the cover above and the inside papers below!

The inside pages are mono prints I made on my Gelli printing plate.  I will be adding some lettering and collage....then I will have one Christmas present finished!

OOOps!  Almost forgot to give credit where credit is due.....Mary Ann Moss taught me the triple chain stitch in her on-line class, Full Tilt Boogie.  Thanks, Mary Ann, I like this stitch!


Unknown said...

So amazing! What a terrific job you did. Love seeing your printed pages and kudos to you for the binding! I'm in awe!

Karen said...

I always admire your art. The book binding is amazing.

Julie said...

Oh WOWZERS! This is so neat! I love the whole dang blasted thing!!!!! Love that stitch and how great is it that you could use it for binding!!!!!!! Lucky recipient!!!!!

Halle said...

Super cool! What a wonderful piece of art just as it stands... Are you planning to continue creating on the pages?