Monday, July 1, 2013

We're having a "heat wave"!

I'm lovin' this current "heat wave" (in Oregon, that is anything over 80 degrees) and using it for an excuse to stay inside, in air conditioned comfort, and play. 

I'm still taking Roxanne Stout's Nature Journaling on-line class and really enjoying it, so I did this.

Watercolor and ink!  I think the difference between a weed and a wildflower IS where you find it!

Roxanne does wonderful mixed media pieces, so she has encouraged us to do nature themed work of our own. 
For this piece, I used a real leaf that I inked and used to stamp a piece of rice paper.  I stitched the rice paper to handmade paper and added the bling!  The "bling" is a cool piece of vintage trim made with wire and rhinestones.  I laid the jewels on a piece of linen fabric that I dyed gray with fresh plant materials and layered it with ribbon and lace.

Here is a detail of the "ecco" dyed fabric and the rhinestone trim!

The next piece required a little more fresh plant material.....for this one I pounded a leaf and let its juicy, juices stain a piece of tea dyed muslin.  This leaf was just right, not all of them will be that fresh and leave that much stain. 

The muslin was stitched to a piece of burgundy velvet and I added some burgundy trim with a tassel, short lengths of embroidery thread and for the piece de résistance..........

a beautiful Abalone shell button.

All the pieces of dyed and stained paper and fabric were pounded, stamped and boiled over the last two summers.  The pieces were added to my "stash" and I was saving know.....for something "special".....well, special is here!


Julie said...

fOR THE PURPLE stained leaf print that you pounded the juice out of, did you have to do anything to it first to get the juice out? Like boil a while, or something tricky??? These pieces are really great! I love all the ecco you put into them!!! They really make a statement!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy cow, Jan. I am in love with your pounded leaf. You are right. Many don't produce that effect, certainly not that beautiful pink/maroon. I also liked the gray piece that had the dyed. You know I'm a nut for dyed fabric, so that spoke to me. Of course, the trim helped sell it, too (grin).

elle said...

Special, indeed!

rivergardenstudio said...

Jan, I came right over from our Flickr site and have to tell you that your work is wonderful, your drawing and paintings, your fresh and playful layouts and your mixed media pieces. I am so very moved by all that you have done!

Dianne said...

these are truly gorgeous pieces! isn't it interesting how the color comes out on the 'pounding' of a plant? not always the color you'd expect...was this from a red maple? really love your new nature journal style, and these sewn pieces are wonderful.

Unknown said...

I love your pieces!! Truly beautiful work.

Lynn Cohen said...

Nice to see we both work in fabric too. Like these very much!y