Thursday, May 2, 2013

This and that.......


I'm traveling a little behind time, as usual, but I wanted to quickly share my calendar pages on Kate's The Kathryn Wheel!  Once again, I'm doing my own my format for the calendar is a little different.



This page is based on a color theory study in Mary Beth Shaw's book "Flavor for Mixed Media".  You will find lots of interesting and fun stuff to try in that book!






This page was an exercise in pulling stuff out of the scrap box and seeing what happens!  Love it!

We are already off and running in the month of May and here it is going to be 80 degree weekend!  Nice!


Today, my friends Margaret and Thea and I hung our show at the White Rabbit Bakery in Aurora.....that's always fun, especially, if we sell something!  The show will be up through May.

IMG_3916 This is one of two collages I did for the show.  They are, both, paper and fabric stitched to watercolor paper.

I am, also, the one who loves to carve stamps and I made a bunch of cards!





Margaret has a series of whimsical animals and some fabulous collages.








Thea paints incredible animal portraits and she has some collage, as well, and hand made books.

If you are in the area, stop by!



While I'm "thising and thating" I'm taking this opportunity to show off some of the really cute little kids (big ones, too) that are part of this family!




This is my only daughter, I have three sons, with her oldest son and his baby girl....Ava Rose...oh! and me.

Awesome four generations!




935314_10200651922292858_877173066_nThis is my "go forth and multiply" photo......on the right is my oldest son, Dean, with his wife and daughter, hubby and I, Dean's son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, son, two grandchildren and the mother of his oldest children.  We were able to capture two little ones the other two boys were off some where, chasing something!

I could continue my randomness but I think I won't.....I'll spare you the photos of my yard THIS time!  Thanks for stopping by.


elle said...

Your display looks great. I, too, am behind on the calendar. 80! We are still experiencing freezing. I'd complain but... lol Nice family!

SAMARA said...

aurora ontario? if so, i lived in thornhill!!!! i love the May! the display of cards looks just beautiful and doing your own thing...can't beat it eh? lovies, samara

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came to see your calendar pages and got caught up in the randomness of this post. I really like those pages, especially the way you colored the left side of the first page.

I hope you have a good show. I know your cards will sell. And I want your weather. Or, maybe I don't. 80 is a bit warm for me (grin).

Annie said...

Oh, such a wonderfully creative May journal! You said you're doing your own thing, so I think I'll have to dig a little in your blog and see what that means.

Ruth Armitage said...

How fun, I will have to stop in at White Rabbit to see your show! It was nice to have that warm spell, but I'm glad it is a bit cooler, and so is my garden! Lovely family photos :)