Sunday, March 31, 2013

The last day of March.....


I wonder when the last time was that Easter Sunday fell on the last day of the month.  My oldest son was born on March 27 and I remember, when he was about five or six, that his birthday was on Good Friday.  That would have made Easter on the 29th, still not the last day. 

We had a lovely day, the sun was shining and it was 75 degrees.....warm and dry, rare for this time of year in Oregon. 

But, now I guess it is time to move on to no more April "fooling around"....straight to the calendar pages.











I'm not "in love" with either of these pages but they were both good practice.  The couple was my study of arms, I wanted to give the arm foreshorting and hand placement "a go".  I think it worked, don't like the cartoony faces much tho'.

I hope it is starting to show signs of Spring where you are and that your April will be full of good things!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really like those arms. They are perfect.

I had a nice, warm Easter, too. But now the cold is coming back with a vengeance. Not sure Spring will ever arrive this year, just a day or two here and there, then back to cold or (even worse) the dreaded heat!

As always, I like how you make your pages. So different, but that's the beauty of it.

elle said...

nice arms! No fooling. I will be late starting April pages. pant, pant

Karen said...

I think your art is spectacular! Each page is so creatively done. I'm glad the weather is warming up, I could use some sunshine.

Carola Bartz said...

I wish I was working more in my art journal. Your pages look good, I especially like your use of circles - always a great element.
I really can't remember any Easter on the last day of March, but I remember Easter being on my daughter's birthday twice so far.

Julie said...

A little blog for you to check out: