Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playin’ in the rain…..


Actually I’m inside, not outside, but Oregon has just experienced the wettest March on record!  What a lovely record!!!  Since it won’t stop raining and we are stuck inside, I’ve been playing.

Recently, I’ve seen some great portraits people have been doing.  I don’t really love to draw (and portraits require some drawing)….it’s a lot like work, sometimes.  Lots of things are easier….but if you want your art to get better, sometimes you just have to do the hard stuff.

So, I decided to make it fun…..I drew this kinda, sorta, looks like me sketch….


and made a copy, then drew and painted over it!


The pink hair isn’t too bad but I’m not too sure about the big black nose!











This one I tried a brush pen, a fine tip pen, watercolor painting the negative spaces and most fun of all, oil pastels.

For those of you who are now convinced I have lost my marbles…these are cool little exercises in drawing free-style.  Not to be taken seriously but great little practice pieces.

Now, I’m going to try drawing with my left hand.  Who said drawing wasn’t fun!


Jane Davies said...

How FUN!!! And thanks for your comment on my blog post "Faces". In my self-portrait class we do some things like this. Such a great way to free up your playful side.

Julie said...

Looks like a lot of fun to me!!!

Dianne said...

ha, great sketches! love the different versions. they would be fun to glue onto journal pages too...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Similar to free writing, these pieces show you really have a great talent. I'm quite impressed, since I can't draw a circle without a template. Gotta admire those eyebrows. Mine would never look that arched and shapely, even if I drew them on (grin).

In answer to your question about the die cuts and embossers, I have to agree that they are for scrapbookers, card makers, and people who live on Tim Holtz's blog. All I wanted was to cut a few rocking horses, but Kathy insisted on getting out a bunch of dies and embossing folders, along with the Nestibles (or whatever they are called). I think it was more for HER benefit than mine, because I will probably never use the embossed pages, unless I can figure out a way to use them in my AB or some collage I might make. So, thanks for asking and be assured you and I think a lot alike.