Sunday, November 20, 2011

Off on another round robin……


I’m excited!  I am off to do another altered book round robin, starting the end of this month.  There are five women involved and they live across the U.S. from Louisiana to Oregon…..and I know the quality of work they do and it is so exciting to have them share that work with me.

The theme of my book is “nature”.  I am using children’s board books for the base, you know the kind….each page is thick cardboard with a slick finish, very sturdy.  I have glued a small book on top of a larger book, so the front cover looks like this…….

IMG_1664 I removed half of the pages from the smaller book and covered it with hand made paper, a piece of birch bark, leaf, moss, cap of an acorn and window of mica.  The cardboard and the wire wrapped sticks are behind the smaller book.

Inside the small book…….

IMG_1674 I stamped the words, painted backgrounds and made another reduction print featuring a sunflower.

IMG_1675 On the left side of the next two pages is muslin that is stamped and drawn on with ink and on the right is more of my friend, Thea’s, wonderful handmade paper and my bird stamp with an envelope full of tags for the other’s participants to sign.

The stamps they sign…..look like this.

IMG_1677Inside of the big book are exactly five two page spreads……this is mine……..

IMG_1669 except, I’ve added a third page….the one on the right is a page from an old photo album.IMG_1668 Two of the windows are filled with drawing from an old book, one is filled with window screen and one with mica that has a bee stamped on it.

IMG_1670 ….the other side of photo album page and the page on the right hand side of the book.

I’ve had so much fun working on this I hope my four altered book friends will enjoy it, too.  The others have posted some or all of their books on their blogs and I can tell you they are fabulous.  I told you I’m excited.

Just for fun and because I have not linked to one of my favorite Linky parties for a while….join me at Boogieboard Cottage for Masterpiece Monday.


Unknown said...

omigod. the screen. the mica bee.

i love this book.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh WOW. Very, very impressive. I especially like the birds and photo fillers. Truly awesome!

Julie said...

What you have done is wonderful!!! I like that each person begins theor own book...that is good. What a great thing when youo get it back all filled in...I would be so excited would be so hard to wait!!!

Ingrid Dijkers said...


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said... your use of many textures and the charm and warmth of the book truly shines through!

Halle said...

Forgive me if this my second comment...I feel like I already left one...or else meant to but got distracted.
Anyway...This book is going to be fantastic. The beginnings are gorgeous. All the elements you have already used are amazing.