Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bookmaking fun….


Our Monday Art Chicks are having a good time playing with new mediums and techniques… is our latest… binding!

Thea is the experienced book binder….the rest of us have dabbled….so Thea was our leader (the title I gave her, not one she relishes).

IMG_1417 You start by making a mess…..!

We used the backing boards of old sketchpads for our front and back covers then  covered them with decorative papers…inside and out.  Followed by assembling the signature pages for the inside and then finished off with some simple stitching.  Shelia stayed with making the pamphlet on the right, and below, with the cool bird cover that she made from a file folder and stitched with some great red string.IMG_1418 See the book on the left….we were using two books…each had a different way of binding the books.  So, we really had to figure it out on our own, that’s when Thea became our leader.

IMG_1419 This is Thea’s finished book… about that blue painters tape…cool, huh? 

Margaret had to leave before I got a picture of her book, hopefully, I can get one later.

This is my book……

IMG_1420I used the blue tape on the back, also, ‘cause I love, love, love blue and orange together!  I’m going add some beads to the end strings.  I’m going to make a gift out of mine so I will show the finished inside later.

We are having a ball trying new things…..each member of the group has skills that we are sharing with each other and it is sooooooooooo fun!!!


elle said...

What a blessing to have gals that want to be together to try new things and learn from each other. I luv 'designated' leaders but it is true that everyone has something to impart. Good job!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those bookbinding techniques look like fun. Tried it once. Never again, since I can't grip a needle, even a big one. Of course, fun in a group is always better.