Sunday, September 4, 2011

Laboring this weekend!

So far, this Labor Day weekend, I've been laboring!

I've spent the last two my room!  Really, do I NEED to save every silly scraps of paper, all of those might use some day books and magazines that I haven't opened in three years, broken pens and pencils, odd pieces of jewelry, empty boxes.....holy cow, who keeps bringing this stuff into my space?

Anyway, I was merciless and cleared out a bunch of stuff....feels good!

For about three weeks, I have been taking an e-course from Traci Bautista!  Great class!

I'm always a little concerned about taking a class from someone who has a style, that is as strong and individualized as Traci's but, not to worry.  She is so sharing and encourages students to do it "their way".  I've really learned to loosen up and not be afraid to add those final touches.   Also, I've tried some materials and brushes I don't think I would have tried without the class.

Here are a couple pages I've done for my journal, ala Traci....

IMG_1297Actually, the right hand page is a photo copy of a piece I did on a canvas board using the stencil, I shared a week, or so, ago.  I added the red boots 'cause I'd love to have a pair of red boots. 

So, using craft paint and India ink, I painted and dripped ink on the page on the left plus tried my hand at lettering with a brush.  Fun!

IMG_1299Another page made in class....using some hand carved stamps and stencils.  Geez, do I love carving stamps....

IMG_1296Easy peasy when you use Speedball "Speedy Cut", like cutting butter.  I've made about eight stamps, so far, one of the big ones broke in half, so now.......I'm using the broken pieces, thus the odd shape of the one on the bottom.

Also, recently sent off my pages for the color swap I'm participating in.  Mine went to Kansas, to the delightful Elizabeth, who has done a number of great least, one shows you how to rust fabric and paper.  Thus, a possible reason for her choice of colors for the swap....they are rust and white.

This is my interpretation of her color request.......

IMG_1025This is the front of page one........

 IMG_1027 back of page one.

IMG_1029 Front of page two, with white lace and rusty wire screen I comply with the color rules, not so sure about the red........

IMG_1028 Back of page two with some black added to the rust and white.

This is my first color swap and I took a few liberties by adding the red and black......what I was doing seemed to need the color boost.

So long as Elizabeth is happy that's what matters.

My pages are coming from Cyprus, yes, the country half way around the world.......they haven't yet arrived, but I'm sure they will soon and that I will love them!

Enjoy your last summer holiday!  Are you ready for fall?  If you live in Kansas, or any of the other hot, dry areas of this country....I'll bet you are.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh wow!! Gotta love, love, love those pages in your journal. I can't seem to loosen up enough to do this, but I made one side of a tip-in for Rita I thought was a bit looser. Of course, so far it has no images or words (grin).

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pages you sent. No one else has used red as an accent, so I was thrilled when I saw that accent. Of course, I would have moved heaven for that awesome key! In case I didn't say it proudly enough, I am thrilled with these pages. You are a SUPER replacement for the nearly failed swap.

Karen said...

Oh, gosh, you are so talented! I am amazed by the rubber stamps you have carved. I'd love to try my hand at them, you make it look so easy. I can see your artistic touch is making these pages come alive.

Julie said...

The front of page two is my favorite...but you sure can create some purdy pages!!! Love them all.

I am so ready for some cool air!!!

Halle said...

Fantastic journal pages!! WOW! That's how I want to journal.