Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journals and Altered Books!


Another journal page least, I left some room to write on one page.  This journal has seen many a metamorphosis since January 1 of this year.  It started out to be a garden journal, went to a daily journal, veered off to art journal and, now, I'm trying to drag it back to something closer to it origins.....a daily journal.

I just signed up to do my first altered book round robin,  and I'm excited, so excited I've started working on it and have the cover done.

IMG_0512 Actually, this is the cover of another book and will be attached to the book that is being altered.  My theme is: Alphabet letters and numbers, thus the clock numbers and the note to the teacher.

We put our children into the hands of our teachers........


to teach them their letters and their numbers.  Maybe, some parents need to be more involved, especially, in this day and age of cut backs and crowded class rooms.

Briefly, we went to a flea market today and I so excited about my great finds......I'm going to force you to look at them, too!  te he


Five tin types in cases, broken cases, but cases all of them FIVE bucks! The six porcelain pocket watch faces were not a steal, but a fair price at 3 for $10.  All of these will be great for jewelry making or assemblages.

IMG_0520IMG_0521This is a postcard  souvenir folder of my "mother land", I was born in Sioux Falls, S.D., Pierre is the capital (but you knew that).  Photos are from the early 1900s, I have not been to the mid-west in years, I wonder how many of the buildings still remain.  The postcards have held up well for their age and will make great art "fodder"!  Oh, the postcard was a "buck".

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Anonymous said...

i totally

that parents need to be more involved with their childrens' education.


I do love your RR theme.

also, you'd best hope i don't totally steal that neat key off of your book cover.


Julie said...

Your journal is so cool! I love how you transform it into whatever you wish as you go along...makes it even more special!!!

Mary said...

love these journal pages...color, color, color and the graffiti, and graphic feel to this and previous ones you posted.

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Your journal page is awesome. In my art journal I often don't leave places to write a thing, but I don't always think that is a bad thing since the process is often the "journaling" for me. Some times I just can't find the words to say it anyhow.

Wow on your book cover. A round robin sounds like so much fun. Does your book go to other people so they can contribute?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm surprised you are decorating your cover first. I never decorate mine until the very end. But maybe that is one of the rules in your round robin. I know it will be fun. And of course, I know you will have fun, and that is what is important. Also, love the watch faces, but they are a bit rich for my blood.

LuLu said...

Great finds for your journals, altered books and assemblages!

Love your spread too. My journals go through phases too - but I've almost decided to give up making designated journals - except for one. I keep all my quotes and saying in one journal. I added store-bought fabric letter tabs to alphabetize the sections in that journal...

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Susan Reep said...

Your journal story is reassuring, since my blog goes from here to there and sometimes I try to bring it home, but I'm not really sure where home is. I don't know about altered books but the name is enticing.