Friday, September 10, 2010

My take on art journaling!

Since I started writing this blog, the first of this year, I have mentioned my artwork and shared a few pieces but today, I want to share one of my art journals and I hope you will enjoy.

This little book is made up of 4 1/2 by 6 inches cardboard pages that I have punched with three holes.  The holes are fitted with metal rings that bind the whole thing together...the cover comes later! 

book 004This is not a book with one very me!

Here I stamped and added a glittered crown that tops a cool 50s car that sits a top a map, a piece of a blueprint, tape measure and a strip of glitter paper topped by a cork circle stamped with a "y".

book 005

A bingo card topped with a coaster and clock hands.

book 006A page from a bookkeeping text book is stamped with the Eifel Tower and two strips of paper that say "I dream in French".

book 007  A bird sticker, feather and the saying by Alexander Pope that reads "all nature is but art unknown to thee".

book 008One of my favorite photos, is actually my Grandmother and her friends, who look like they have just enjoyed a day in the outdoors so I added a leaf and seed pod.  All this tops a piece of sheet music titled "Can't You See I Love You".

book 009 

The dragonfly sits on a piece of painted and stamped paper finished with a piece of cardboard and a twig.

book 011



This is a half page, that is between pages, it is covered with wallpaper, a ticket stub, a clear overlay hand and some type.



book 012



This side of the half page is stamped, paper lace, buttons, lace and a tape measure.




book 010The next full page is pretty self-explanatory "the working a force of nature!"

book 014A beautiful page of old handwriting topped by a seed packet and a dried pansy.

book 013A real mix of textures, sheet music, felt, muslin and paper, stacked and stitched, topped with a wood heart, ribbon and ticket stub.  A salute to "girls who wear glasses".  

book 015

Finally, a tribute to young love with a sweet photo and stamp on top of a piece of cardboard trimmed with lace and ribbon.




This will become the cover of my art journal.  I love the old worn blue color and the title "One hundred narrative poems".  I'll punch holes and add the metal rings for binding.


I am going to add some beads and other trim to finish it all off and there is room to add several more pages, if I want.

This quiet, rainy Saturday afternoon gave me some time to browse my list of blogs I follow and I came across this great party September Holiday Open House at The Answer is Chocolate and so I'm off to join the fun!

Thanks for visiting me today!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am blown away by all the techniques, textures, images, and colors you have used to make this art journal. I'm not sure I would ever write a single word in it. It is amazing on its own.

You really MUST continue showing your art on your blog. Every page is a real winner. I want to feel this book and experience the fun of turning each page. Like you, I don't make or decorate my cover until the very end of any project.

Thanks for sharing this incredible body of altered art.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Your art book is amazing, I love all the varied pages, each one really is a work of art! Such great elements you have included, love the photo of your grandmother and the seed packet. It's all wonderful. Thanks so much for joining in on VIF! have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

Hi Again Jan! Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. The arrangement..the Mille-Fleur...millions of flowers.....became a design right after the French Revolution. Most of the skilled labor had been executed because they were considered the upper-class. the commoners could not duplicate the technical designs of the Oval nor did they now the care of some of the would take bowls and baskets and mound masses of seasonal flowers, grasses, and foliages creating centerpeices. Thomas Jefferson loved France and saw them as kindred spirits. He brought fashiions, decor and interior styles, recipes, and floral designs.
That's the story.

Boom said...

Hi! I love you book especially the dragonfly page. Very nice.

Staci said...

How did I miss this post?! I had not seen these pages. You are really creating some inspiring, fun artwork, can I be like you when I grow up ;)

Pie said...

Beautiful collection of blues.

My Blue Monday.