Monday, March 29, 2010

Suddenly wet in Oregon.......

Since the first of the year, Oregon's rain totals have been below normal........we must have made up those losses yesterday and today!  Lots have rain on the plain and in the valley, contrary to popular belief, it does NOT always rain in Oregon but when it does.......!

However, the spring color in my yard is a welcoming sight, rain or shine!

living 014

For the past two years I've been redoing our front yard,  removing the lawn and adding mounds, paths and raised beds.  This has presented the challenge of blending existing plantings with new plant materials.  Along the sidewalk I added a low mound and planted  sedum "Angelina" and a blue speedwell.

living 012

misc 006

I don't remember the exact name of the blue flower above but it is a bulb and "blue star" was part of the name.

The yellows of daffodils and sedum are contrasted by the shades of blue in the speedwell, hebe and rosemary.

living 013 (2)

The blue and yellow band along the sidewalk brightens up the neighborhood.  It is fun to watch people walk by and look down to get a closer view of the happy colors.

Turns out...I've planted my own sunshine and blue sky!

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