Sunday, March 17, 2013



Been busy carving plates and making prints using a technique I learned from an article by Lisa Thorpe, a talented California printmaker.  This method involves stencils and stamps to make multi-colored prints.

Last month, I showed you one of the first ones I I whipped out a couple more.




After carving the stamp, you make the stencil.  This photo show laying down the turquoise background with the stencil masking the pear and the background.







After the background paints have all dried, you cover your stamp with ink and print.











The end result!











Two more with an apple design using paint.




For these two I painted the background then I cut the apple from scrapbook paper and collaged it on.










Apple with painted background after it has been stamped.





The two above were stamped over the collaged paper apple, one using red ink for the stamp and one with black ink.  Finally......a print without color, just using the stamp and printer's ink.


Fun and interesting technique, a little time consuming but I like the results......even without color.


elle said...

This is a fascinating technique with all kinds of options.

Halle said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tutorial.

Julie said...

All very pretty!!!

Ruth Armitage said...

I love the carvings you did :) Very creative to stamp them over the collaged papers too. Fun ideas! said...

Gorgeous Jan! (I still say you are VERY patient)!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how long it's been since I visited. I had to scroll quite far to see all I had missed!! Chalk it up to my less than cooperative computer.

This is one impressive technique. I really liked the one that were stamped and painted over scrapbook paper.