Friday, March 8, 2013

Busy doing this and that!


While I was on my blog sabbatical I was very busy doing "this and that"!

I've gotten involved once again with a local art center and ,like every volunteer organization, there is always more to do than people to do it.  So I offered to help plan the spring term classes.  Now, that's done and the schedule is at the printers and it is on to helping set up for an upcoming show.  It's fun to hang with folks who appreciate art and want to learn more.

I and another woman have been teaching stamp carving and printmaking classes at the center.  That's always learn so much when you teach!  And get to meet some wonderful and talented folks.IMG_3802


I told you about the drawing class I was taking.  Geez, I should be practicing!  This is one I drew, I don't like the drawing but I loved drawing on the "toned" paper with charcoal and pastel pencil.





Now, I'm taking an on-line class offered by Christy Tomlinson called She Art 3.  I'm really liking the class just have been too busy to do much with it.....the class is in week 3.  I'm still in week 2, really more like week 1 1/2!  But, I hope to catch up next week.  I'm liking this class and I've learned a bit and that's always good.  So, far I've only made a couple backgrounds on which I plan to paint women's week!











I'm looking forward to that little experiment.

Last weekend I made this.......


Very fun!  I used pieces of canvas covered with plaster, paint and encaustic wax to make this little sculpture that is supported by twigs from a walnut tree.  It is small, each panel is about 5 by 6 inches.  I really like the texture of the plaster with the wax over.



The other thing I like is Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold with Cerulean Blue......Yummmmy!  One of my favorite color combos.








Close up of each panel and.......














I think it makes an organic arrangement with the candle and rocks and gives the piece a little more weight.


As you can tell, I have very eclectic taste......almost the split personality kind of eclectic, sometimes!

Worse yet, I've never met an art, or a craft, that I did not want to try!  I think people who learn to do one thing well, and stick with it, do better in this world....but for those of us with short attention spans, I guess we need to try it all!

So, I'll just keep doing this and that and, likely, the other thing!


elle said...

You have wonderful taste and fill your life with lots of good projects. Good for you!

Dianne said...

eclectic is good...I really love your paintings supported by twigs! it feels almost tribal to me...lovely!

Julie said...

Love your twig panels! Very pretty! You stay so busy...always an inspiration to me!!!
xoxo- Julie

Halle said...

LOVE the stick and canvas piece!! So cool!!