Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning to use apps!


I recently discovered a really cool app for my iPad.  I'm still learning to use it and I've read many mixed reviews, but I'm liking it.......Paper 53, is the name!

The app is free, you pay for the tools....sort of like printers, the printer is cheap, it's the ink that is expensive.  I have three tools: drawing, brush and additional colors.  I think I need "mix" which would blend the colors better (they say) because they look pretty "spotty" now, my cat looks like  a leopard.  Actually, most of the tools are only $1.99, that's not that bad.

So, here are some examples of my playing around......not great art but good practice!





Sleeping animals make good subjects!  Just be quiet and don't wake them!







You can see where I tried to erase inside of the slipper, I have not figured out how to make a smooth blend so I could fix it.







slippers 2



The color selection is limited, that's why I think I need "mix", I was going for some green here and it's not working.







Another small problem, if you erase in the wrong end up putting a sign over it to cover it up!! LOL, ya' gotta love it.




All in all, I've found it to be a positive experience.  I wish apps came with better tutorials, maybe some do, and I haven't found them.  So, it's all trial and error, baby!

The other app I like is SketchBookX.  What have you tried?  Which ones do you like best for art making?


elle said...

At some point I want to get something and try these apps. They do look cool!

Julie said...

Looks really neat! I like the size of the IPAD too, for drawing.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I confess. I'm probably one of three people over the age of seven left in the world who does NOT own a cell phone. But, regardless of the technology, your artistic abilities shine. Really well done, Jan!!