Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch…….


Just got home from a fun day at the pumpkin patch!  Ours is close to home, located about four miles down the road at a year-around, family owned flower and produce farm where they grow most of what they sell.

It is a beautiful sunny 75 degree day, so there were LOTS of people.

We got there just in time to see this pumpkin weighed in at 875 pounds.

IMG_3252That was next to the giant sunflower heads…….


  That’s our great-grandson, Gaven, posing for me.

I don’t know the other folks!







Next…the big, exciting pumpkin drop!

I said we are easy to entertain! I overheard someone say “only in America”!

They lifted this 900 pound pumpkin in the air and dropped it into a swimming pool full of water!

It drew a pretty big crowd!





From there Dad took Gaven to check out the maze, haunted house and assorted other fun kid’s activities.  Meanwhile, Gaven’s Mom, Gramps and I wandered over to check out the flowers and the produce.  Later, we were joined by another granddaughter and her family.

























Check out this “to die for” picnic table with built-in water feature and planters!

IMG_3281 IMG_3283


This is the water bowl at the end of the table that the water circulates into….so cool!









IMG_3285This is the table top with the water trough in between the rows of Hens and Chickens and assorted other plants.

IMG_3291  IMG_3292









IMG_3293 A photo op at every turn!












Finally, some of the family……..NO not the ones above!











Granddaughter Cyndi who is Gaven’s mom and Granddaughter Staci with her two girls, Emma and Lucy and Gram and Gramps!

So, if you live in Oregon anywhere between Portland and Salem, I highly recommend you check out Bauman Farms Harvest Festival, Sept. 29 through Oct. 31.  Lots for the kids to do, good food, great produce and plants and perfect day with the family.

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Julie said...

What a neat place!!! You look so cute in that last picture! I think you need one of those awesome picnic tables! WOWZERS!!! I liked the look of those acorn squash! The pumpkin drop looked like fun too! :)