Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black gesso........


I've wanted some black gesso for a long time!

For those who don't know what gesso is, it is a substance similar to thick paint that is use to coat a canvas before you start painting.  It helps the artist's acrylic or oil paint adhere to the canvas by adding a slightly gritty surface.   White is the most often used gesso color but it, also, comes in black.  I've wanted back for sometime!  Then it becomes that "want" vs "need" thing, 'cause I sure didn't think I NEEDED it......!  However, now, I'm not so sure.

I painted these pages with several coats of black gesso, to get the density I was looking for, and then painted over the gesso with a liquid blue acrylic paint before I embellished.




Yep!  I NEEDED it.

To my east coast friends, I'll be thinking and praying for you to stay high and dry over the next few days.  Stay safe.


elle said...

I agree, Jan. Black gesso is a need and so is safety for the east.

Dianne said...

wow. I think I need some too. love these pages! especially the 'fish' die cut tree also.

Karen said...

I have always wondered what gesso is, and now I know! Amazing results to go with your amazing art. Love that tree!