Monday, October 15, 2012

Arty weekend.....


The rains have finally arrived and this was the perfect weekend to stay home, make some cream of cauliflower soup, some pumpkin bread and play with my art!

I'm having fun making these little accordion I made another class example.  This time I used primarily photos from magazines.  Since, we made zentangles, in class, I included one of those and one of our projects is going to be making a coffee or tea cup, so, I included one.





This is the front cover......





IMG_3327 From Vincent's color love to a welcoming front door and a few bright ideas.

As I am writing this blog, and looking at this photo, I am profoundly struck by what this little booklet reveals about me! I love color, unconventional art, red doors, shiny smooth sculptures and using outdoor furniture inside!  Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe Julia's book is helping me discover my "vein of gold".

IMG_3329The other side refers to the tenets of Julia Cameron's book "Vein of Gold".  She suggests doing daily morning pages, taking a walk everyday, making artist dates with yourself and writing your timeline.  "Cups" is another term used by Julia.  I still have one page open....waiting for the perfect inspiration!

Sunday, we took the dog for a long walk and along the way I picked up a few colorful, fall leaves.

IMG_3325 Aren't the colors amazing this time of year?


Voila, another page for my nature journal and a lovely, relaxing weekend comes to an end.


elle said...

What a great weekend and the book is lovely, the colours vibrant. I may have to dig out my Julia book!

Julie said...

How pretty! I had made a book like this (accordian) for my daughter one year, filled with all her pictures. I had used a butterfly stamp and some newspaper in the pages as the backgrounds and it turned out so pretty. I still have it around here somewhere... That was fun. I really love your fall leaves too...wonderful work!

I can say that when I used to do walks in the mornings, I found so much more inspiration...not just for drawing/painting, artsy stuff, but also ideas for all sorts of things. It works!!! :)
xoxo- Julie

Julie said...

BTW...cauliflower soups sounds interesting!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It seems I keep playing catch up. I love the leaves. They are so well done and the colors blend so flawlessly. Of course, I love that cup of coffee, too. What a colorful and clever drawing.