Saturday, January 25, 2014

What did I do this week?

That's why I, I have something to refer back to, just kidding.....maybe!

Aside from having a very expensive porcelain crown put in my mouth, to replace the one that broke on New Year's Day, pruning roses and taking the doggie to have his hair and nails done...I prepped for our class on Thursday....and helped teach it! 

I mentioned last week that we are encouraging our students to follow along with the "Document Your Life Project" so we are using their prompts for inspiration....this week it was selfies (we are a couple weeks behind).  This is my selfie example for the class........done on a tip-in, that when folded back reveals........

The back of the selfie with my featured word "bloom" and under that the page with the orange circle is yet, another tip-in.

This tip-in features my beloved, spray painted, turquoise chandelier!  On the facing page (not quite finished), are my Julia Cameron's Vein of Gold writing exercises called "secret selves".  Secret, hidden under my tip-in.....get it?

So, class time was used to make their selfies and playing with Gelli printing.  I think the printing was a hit!

Next class, we are going to try a little book binding so I used my 15 year old granddaughter for my practice student.  She did very well....those kids, they catch on so fast.  I like her book and she really made the whole thing.....I just would demo and she would do!

Cool cover, huh?  We did cut a box apart and glued a piece of card stock on the other side to give it a little more weight.

Busy stitching...................!

All done..........and very CUTE......both girl and book.  Looking forward to another busy week and another great class on Thursday.


Unknown said...

Wonderful project! Kudos! You're right - cute cover and very cute girl! xo

Halle said...

Wonderful job with creating the cover and teaching it as well! Both book and girl are adorable. :)

Karen said...

Your projects are so neat, wish I lived nearby so I could take one of the classes. I love the book binding idea, too!

Julie said...

Great journal. Those tip-ins are really neat! Your granddaughter is a doll! Love that pretty cover!!! said...

Great post and awesome art!