Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still "Documenting My Life" and enjoying every minute......

I'll start with the pages I have finished for Documented Life Project (DLP).  This great project involves weekly journaling prompts.....week #4 was using envelopes.  Here is my interpretation of that......I used a CD envelope and made a small book to keep inside of it. 


Book covers are a great way to use up scrapes of Gelli printed paper.

For an envelope I used a CD holder and doodled around the edge.

Stand alone book, out side of its envelope cozy.  I think I'm going to use this booklet to keep track of the classes I take this year.  If they are on-line classes, I should keep notes on where I've saved them to the computer (sad laugh here)!

This week is week #5 and the  DLP prompt is a I doodled a border and wrote a favorite quote.

These are fun prompts and keep you inspired.  If, you want to learn more about DLP go to

I'm also teaching a class where we are encouraging the group to follow along with these prompts.  Here is a very, very brief lettering lesson I e-mailed the class.  If, you have never lettered or even thought about lettering this is a really easy way to start.

Just print the letters and go back in and add some bulk especially to the beginning and ending of each letter.

These are the pens I use, they are readily available in most box stores that sell pens.

Here's a place I used this style of lettering in an exaggerated form...........

Hope you are keeping warm and safe......spring, surely, will arrive some day!!!  Take advantage of your "down time" and create something......anything!



Unknown said...

All so wonderful from colors, patterns, lettering - all of it! I loved this post! xo

Karen said...

Fantastic projects, and great ideas on how to learn to letter. Your art talents are superb!

elle said...

My guests are gone so today is catch up on my journal. Great envelope!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lovely envelope you created, and quite unique, too, since most of the ones I've seen are using recycled envies. And I love the clever way you are using some of your gelli papers, too.

I use Micron pens and have several, even though I don't doodle. Mine are .03, .05, and .01 like yours. They are wonderful pens, but don't work once you expose them to gesso. No need to ask how I know. I have several examples (grin).