Saturday, January 18, 2014


Thursday was the first day of our Artful Journaling class at the local art center.

We had nine eager to learn students from a variety of backgrounds.....and it was fun!  I teach with another woman, who's name happens to be Jan, too.  We refer to ourselves and the Jan and Jan show!
Jan P. is great at creative writing and getting our class members into thinking retrospectively.  They seem to like that.

 We are linking our students to The Document Your Life Project, which you can learn more about at

Our class is only four weeks but the Document Project will go on all year by giving members weekly journaling prompts and ideas on how to create art with those prompts.

This has been a very popular concept, they have 3800 member, or more, already signed up.  It is free, informative and very inspiring.

So, first lesson in the art part of the class agenda was making the calendar pages for our planners.

Dividing pages into eight equal parts required some math skills and concentration....that was the hard part!  Then came the creative stuff!

Our class is only two and a half hours long and we have a lot to cover.  I decided it would move things along if I were to make a Gelli printed mono print for each person.  We are following the DLP prompts and their first one was "doors" and we went with that.

Students may use my prints, as they are, or make their own creative pages.  These are the class samples that I made.

I am so anxious to see the nine interpretations of "doors" that our group comes up with, I can't wait for Thursday.


elle said...

This is great. Darn, I think I need to check this out. 3800 members???

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this! xo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Several people whose blogs I visit have joined this project. Since I don't journal, I wasn't interested in joining, but I sure like the looks of the pieces that are being created by you and on the art blog link you shared. That is definitely my kind of art, as long as there is no journaling involved (grin).

I sure like your houses you made for the Gelli plate, though. I look forward to seeing more of these. You are a great teacher, that's for sure.

Karen said...

What a wonderful project, and that is a LOT of members! Love the doors theme, your students are fortunate to have you and Jan as their teachers.

Dianne said...

oh this is so great! I am doing this project too, and wondering if I will be able to stick with it all year...I also made my own planner pages as you did in your class, but used lined pages or recycled pages with columns to do the weekly calendar, and then put in book rings. made for less measuring! You are a generous teacher to provide such gorgeous art work for your students...Love your houses and doors, and great quote!