Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gone but not forgotten......

I'd tell you I'd been traveling........but you'd never believe me.

Christmas has come and gone, New Year's has come and gone and I've been no where in site, as far as, this blog was concerned.  So, by golly it is time to get caught up.

I've been getting a BUNCH of cool inspiration since the first of the year.  I've joined in on the Document Your Life Project which you can access here http://www.arttothe5th.com/.  The "life" project is FREE, if go to the blog site you will find out how you can join me, and 3500 of my closest friends, in journaling fun and inspiration!

I did buy a Moleskine Planner, as suggested, won't buy another one for this purpose.  I'm a pretty casual journaler but I really did not like the weight of the paper in this book.  But, it's O.K., I've always wanted a Moleskine journal....now, I have one and a better idea how to use it. 

Of course, I'm doing everything my way but it has been delightful to see the various interpretations of the suggested prompt each week and the inspiration is truly endless.

The first week, the prompt was doors........here's my version.

Second week......selfie!

The tip-in is the back of the doors piece above!  My "selfie" celebrates buying new jeans!  I really, really hate buying jeans.  I have short legs and too much middle and no butt......do you have any idea what it takes to cover that up!  I found some stretchy Levi's that I, actually, love.

As, if this wasn't enough excitement......I'm taking Joanne Sharpe's newest class, Draw Your Awesome Year.Click here to visit her blog and learn more. This class is not free but it is well worth the money, Joanne is a very good teacher.  More great journaling ideas.....like this.

I'm finding I love Tombow pens and lettering almost as much as my new Levi's!

Stepped out on my own on these two journal pages......I may be drummed out of the club, we'll see.  "Renaissance" was inspired by a piece of art I had in my stash and a book I'm reading on the Italian Renaissance.  "Hello" is just doodling on a Gelli print!

 BTW how I've overcome the too light paper in the planner is, of course, by gluing in a piece of watercolor or drawing paper for back up!

I like having more space on the calendar page to write entries into each day, so that is a plus for this planner, and I will add tip in's as I go along and feel the need. 

It's good to be back.  Hope you are all well and digging out from under whatever Mother Nature has thrown your way!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's really good to see you back. I was a bit worried about you.

I have a lot of people I visit who are following the Document Your Life project. Don't worry, no one would DARE kick you out of any club, because your art is always so fabulous.

elle said...

Glad to see you, Jan. I have a colour class I need to do with Joanne. Isn't doing it my way what artistry is all about! ;)

elle said...

okay, you've convinced me! I'm among the 3800! ;)

Wildflowerhouse said...

I bought that journal too and agree the paper is not what I had hoped. But never fear a little washi tape and different papers are being attached as we speak. My journal is getting fat. :-)