Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sometimes a great notion!

This is when collage and/or journaling is see a photo in a magazine, you love it!  You NEED to make art with it, but what do you do. 
First you trim it to size, then you glue it onto heavy paper.......then you wait!  The idea will come to you!  You wait!  You sleep, you eat, you clean.....then it happens.
The "ah-ha" moment......I'll glue an index card on the page for a journaling space (well, there was a door/window idea previous to that).  O.K., however, while searching for the place I last spied the index cards......I come across some old library cards and card holders!
Whoa Nellie!  That's it.  You glue the library card holder in just the right place, then you add the library card.  DULL!  BORING!  I know, I'll use the radish stamp I carved.  After all, there are radishes in the photo. 
H-m-m-m, looks weird with just the card holder stamped with the radish.  Oh, I know, get out a tag and stamp it, so it doesn't cover up the radish leaves.  Added some color with my colored pens.  Found a cool old canning label that reads "relish" in my stash and VIOLA!  DONE!  Plus, now, you have room to write on the back of the tag and both sides of the library card.


Sometimes it can be simple!  Sometimes not so much!



Julie said...

Oh wow...this was cool. Following along as it came to you!!! Love the result!

elle said...

excellent. One thing does lead to another!

Halle said...

Awesome job. I understand about seeing something and wanting to create with it. That photo in very inspiring... Love the radish stamp.

Unknown said...

Very clever!

Anonymous said...

love it!
relish me radish