Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun and inspiring week...........

We've been busy, folks, and all of it has been very interesting on so many different levels.

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting a group of folks from Japan, who live in Hiroshima.  They are traveling in the Pacific Northwest speaking about life after the atomic bomb and promoting peace!  They represent the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.  They shared their stories of survival and their culture and it was so moving.  This piece of art was painted by a woman, who's name is Yoko, she has studied Summi painting for years.  Hubby's name is Ron, ron has many positive meanings in Japanese....long life being one of them!  She gave this to him as a gift.


Friday found me, and a few other art center members, setting up at a "Resource Fair" in a local 55 and over community.  The purpose was to inform residents of the resources available locally.....and the Woodburn Art Center is defiantly a community resource! 

Saturday found us in downtown Portland at Saturday Market......lots of crafts and food and, being Oregon, rain!  But, truly fun and interesting.

On top of all this fun, I'm prepping to teach a journaling class at the art center in October.  Here are a couple ideas that I hope will inspire our students to come up with ideas of their own.  This is my first time teaching journal art and the hardest part is trying to keep the work simple and fairly easy for a beginner but not boring for the more experienced.  We'll that goes. 


Spread some gesso, spray a little paint and cut some paper!  Easy?
How much fun are zentangles?


We are enjoying our retirement, to say the least!




Unknown said...

Such quality time with your talent! This is what life should be like! xxoo

Halle said...

Looks like you've been very busy!

Julie said...

Looks like a ton of fun going on there!!!!!