Monday, April 23, 2012

Up for a challenge?


I decided I was and you might be, too!

In the March/April issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, the editors issued an art making challenge called “supportive art” because it is based on: the ever supportive bra!  In October, CPS will be showing support for Breast Cancer Awareness month by publishing  reader’s art, based on the bra, and entered in the magazine’s challenge!

Having had a bi-lateral mastectomy in December of 2006, and being fortunate enough to have had the cancer detected early and treatable,  I thought I might try to express some of the experiences and feelings in the form of art.

IMG_2175 My bra is made from metal window screen material!  To me the mesh signifies the harshness of cancer with it’s tough, sharp, prickly edges, yet, like a cancer survivor it is malleable and strong!

With one breast missing, I’ve given the piece the title of “Loss and Gain” because we may have lost a body part but we have gained a heart full of things like…..strength, bravery, courage, hugs, creativity, love and so much more!





My heart is FULL!!!






Most of us have had some experience with cancer, be it ourselves or someone we know and love, this could be your opportunity to share your feelings and support the cause of breast cancer awareness.  But hurry, pictures of your challenge art work need to be submitted on-line by May 1, you can go to ClothPaperScissors web-site to learn more or pick up a March/April issue of the magazine.

I, also, encourage all of you to have an annual mammogram, if you aren’t already!  That is how my cancer was discovered.   I had a tumor in each breast and both were malignant and they were very small…..not detectable by self exam.

I could have had a lumpectomy and radiation but because of my age and my reluctance to having radiation….I elected to have the bi-lateral mastectomy.  I’ve never regretted it and I am very appreciative of God’s granting me these extra years with my family and for his gift of creativity.


elle said...

Bless you! So good to hear success stories! Great symbolism in your piece.

Julie said...

This is beautiful!!!!! God bless you for sharing your experience! I just know your piece will be featured because it is AWESOME! !!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I may have a Ph.D., but no M.D., so any time someone starts talking medical terms, I get that dumb look on my face. I have no idea what a lumpectomy or bi-lateral mastectomy is. I have heard about radiation, and it scares me to tears.

You are so brave to admit to the world about your surgery, and I applaud you for your resilience. Which leads me to your art It is truly beautiful. I feel like it is a very personal piece, and I suspect many of the entries will be, also. I wish I felt a bit closer to this cause, because I'm sure if I were, I could make something meaningful. As it is, I'm at a loss for any ideas.

You suggested an ATC swap. I thought about it for ABC's anniversary, that is if there are any members still around by then (grin).

~*~Patty S said...

Your work of heART is so moving and beautiful and uplifting...thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration