Monday, April 9, 2012

Still working on simple……


Now that I’ve had my fill of chocolate bunnies, peeps and Easter bonnets….I’m ready to try again to make my work simpler.

So the latest journal page looks like this…….
















I’m not overly impressed by the circles drawn on the top of the page but…..too late now!









So, when I’m not doing simple I do this……


Let’s hope for more sunshine, beautiful spring days…..and time to create!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like how you carried the line (in the first spread) across from left to right. Very nicely done. And of course, the leaves are very colorful and fun.

I think we have your rain and have had for DAYS.

Sharon said...

Always enjoy studying your artwork :) I like the circles as they remind me of bubbles :) Funny to see you relax and enjoy your more comfortable artwork in the second series of pictures, but good for you for stretching yourself by trying something not so comfortable :)

elle said...

I'm seeing things with new eyes. So glad to have you out front and running ahead of me, Jan. I like both!

Anonymous said...
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