Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No, I wasn’t traveling…..


I’ve still been having computer problems….let’s hope today was the REAL fix!  This computer has actually functioned for about one week out of the last three! Gr-r-r-r!

Today has been a beautiful, sunshiny Wednesday in my part of Oregon, so we went for a little walk to the post office.  I’ve been a part of an altered book round robin for the past five months…..that is where several people each make an altered book and then send it off to another player so they can add their artwork to it.  Today, I mailed Amy’s book home to her…..I should be receiving mine the first of next week.  I can hardly wait!!!

Here is a peek at Amy’s book…..the cover!  I’ll share the work I did inside after I know she has received her book.Picture 036 In the meantime, just thought I would share some random photos, with you, starting with today while I was on my walk. I spied these plants a few days ago, today I had the camera and got a few photos.Picture 039 Do you recognize this interesting plant? 

I call it “Love-Lies-A-Bleeding”, it’s real name is Amaranthus.  I looked it up and it is, also, called Tassel Flower and Princess Feather.   It is a fairly tall, old fashioned plant you just don’t see in a lot of gardens. It is grown as an annual and parts of the plant are edible.  I’ve never grown it but I’m fascinated by the name….Love Lies A Bleeding, so melodramatic!

Picture 041 Pretty amazing looking plant….looks like it’s flower would be soft and fuzzy…it isn’t!

Picture 034 Speaking of soft and fuzzy…this is our camera shy, people shy, stays to herself cat……”What’s It”.   Yes, her name is What’s it!  I so rarely get a picture of her, I wanted to share it.  She is a Berman Siamese, she is shy but very sweet.

Picture 011 Continuing on the random theme……here are a couple pages from my journal…and Picture 030

the most recent stamp that I carved.  The drawing is how I start out, I trace that onto the “Speedy Cut” material and carve out the stamp.  The red leaves are the final result.

Computer and I have gotten through this entire post without a glitch….knock on wood or something….let’s hope it continues.  Any way, as you can see, I’ve can still entertain myself without my computer….I still miss reading your blogs, tho’.

Thanks for stopping by.


Julie said...

My friends cat looks like yours!! We knew it was some type of Siamese. They are beautiful!!
Love your carved stamp...I should try it year I did a Christmas stamp...really fun!!!

Karen said...

So good to see you back again. Aren't computer problems the pits? My son is a computer nerd and hates to work on mine, though I insist! No computer service, no supper. lol

Love your stamp you carved. That is just amazing. The love lies bleeding is a weird plant, I've never grown it, but it certainly is melodramatic.

What's It is adorable, too!

nancy said...

Just happened upon your blog. sounds like you had fun in portland. just wanted to say hi from across the bridge in vancouver