Monday, October 24, 2011

Colors for Cyprus…….


I am participating in a color swap with five other women.  For this swap, each participant determines the colors they want their pages to be and the size, the theme is up to the person designing the pages.

My swap pages were sent off to Cath, and their new home, on the island of Cyprus.  Cath choose black and yellow for her pages which she will bind into a book after she receives them all.

Black is a really hard color for me to work with… this was a challenge but that is why it is fun to do!  We each send two pages finished both sides…….

First page front……..


The other side….looks like this!


Page 2 front is something I remembered seeing in Jane Davies’ book, “Adventure in Mixed Media”….I’ve always wanted to make an art paper doll, so here she is…….


And last, but not least, on the flip side is a place for the signature tag.  It is a little hard to see at first glance but the yellow piece is the tag.


That was a challenge and a fun one at that!!!!!  Had to sneak a little blue and/or violet on to each page…..hope you don’t mind, Cath.


elle said...

You certainly rose to the challenge. These are very well executed pages. I like!

Julie said...

Very good. Love to see how each page is entirely different...such great creativity! I am amazed at how you seemingly never run out of new ideas!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Stunning pages, Jan. Leave it to you. I haven't even started this month's pages, which go to you, and you have already sent yours to Cath all the way in Cyprus. Way to go.