Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Altered book round robin……


Last week I sent off my last contribution to the altered book round robin that I have been participating in……the book went home to Amy in Louisiana.

Not only did Amy participate….she organized this project…..she was mother hen to five other women!  NOT an enviable job!  Trivial as this may all sound, there is a lot of responsibility when you are the administrator….making sure every one gets their book mailed in a timely fashion and keeping track of where the books are and enforcing the rules (even when you hate being the enforcer). 

I had read about round robins but had never been involved in one until now.  I was a little casual about the whole thing in the beginning….just an old book I’d done some art in, no big deal.  Well, interestingly, it becomes a big deal!  Soon you start to appreciate how much time and effort other people have put into these books….for a brief period of time, I was not sure if I would see my book again……it made kind of sick to my stomach.  No, it did not have great monetary value but it did have about a million dollars worth of sentimental value.

My book should arrive home today or tomorrow and I can hardly wait to see it but, in the meantime, I will share with you the last page I did in some one else's book….it was Amy’s.  I mention a few days back that her theme was “what makes you happy”, this is my interpretation of that theme.


A little “scrapbook-y”, maybe, but I like the colors AND these are certainly the things that make me happy….my family (not all of it, I have three boys, too), friends, the great Oregon out-of-doors, my fur babies, my art and my garden!  Didn’t include photo of hubby but he definitely counts, too!  The numbers on the photos denote four generations, myself, my daughter, her two daughters and on the right my great-granddaughter.

Sad to see the adventure end but I’m dying to welcome my well traveled book home.  I’ll share that with you soon.


Terra said...

We share a lot of the things that make us happy, and these pages are beautiful. You have created a book to treasure.

Mary said...

i think these pages look fabulous. how fun it will be to sit and browse through your returned journal.