Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cover story…….


Finished the relativity small, 8”x9” cover for my nature journal today!








This photo shows the colors best!  The cover is covered with green canvas like fabric, so I used gesso for the first layer and then painted over with acrylic.

I love the yummy color of the burgundy velvet ribbon that trims the top.  The “etc.” charm and Anagram letters finish it off.









The other side (or inside cover)….I’ll write my name and the book title on the label, otherwise I believe this page is finished.




This bit of news made my week!!!!!!!!

PicMonkey Collage

Last April, I blogged about a challenge being presented by the magazine, ClothPaperScissors, you can read it HERE!  My art work was accepted and is pictured here…it’s the one with the big red heart! 

Yes, it is very fun and exciting to see your work published in a national magazine!    You should try it.  Many magazines are looking for submissions from artist and crafters, sure there is a risk you will be turned down…..but who will know, if you don’t tell them.  Besides, the next time you send something in, it may be accepted and you, too, will be published.


elle said...

Congratulations on being published and on such a great journal cover. If I ever come across anything like it at the thrift shop I'll nab it for sure! Very Cool!

Dianne said...

Wonderful cover on your journal--I love purple coneflower! And congratulations on being published! so cool...it is a confirmation that you are indeed an accomplished artist (we already knew that) Way to go!

Dolores said...

Congratulations on being chosen to have one of your creations in a magazine. How exciting and I do like your journal cover.

Halle said...

Congrats on being published!!!

Journal Swag said...

YAY! You didn't say anything yesterday! I've had my issue since I returned home from Denver, but since I use them as "treats" mine is still on the dining room table, still sealed in plastic! I usually wait until I've done something to reward myself for, but I'm breaking it open now! Great job, Jan!!


Mary said...

Congratulations! And it's fun for me to flip through a magazine and say, "I know her!"


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on being published. I bet you were walking on air. How great for you.