Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letter Love……



The first of February was the kick off of an on-line class titled “Letter Love 101” taught by the lady of letters, Joanne Sharpe.  I joined in a few days late but I’ve been having a ball since. 

I took traditional calligraphy classes years ago.  I even had the pleasure of taking a workshop with the eminent Reed Collage lettering art professor, Lloyd Reynolds.  To do calligraphy WELL requires lots and lots of practice.  So, when I looked at the arty letters people are doing I found it overwhelming….more practice on the letters, more rules to learn, too much work. 

But, this great teacher has broken it down into easily digested pieces and made it fun. So, if you have any interest in letters and using them in fun new ways you’ll love this class.  Trust me, it will be $35. well spent.

Also, if you would like to check out Joanne’s blog and learn more about classes click HERE !  While you are there check out my artwork in the student gallery.  Thanks, Joanne, for including me I am indeed pleased and flattered.


Terra said...

I am left handed and with calligraphy, when I tried it, I smeared as I wrote. You are doing it beautifully.

Dianne said...

Beautiful results from your lettering your pages!