Friday, January 6, 2012

I love this form of printing…….


Here we are one week into the new year and I have signed up to take three on-line journaling classes.  Problem is, I haven’t worked on any class projects…..I’m carving my own stamps instead.

Next week I’ll journal! 

Meanwhile, I’d like to share my latest little project…..registration printing.  Basically, that means you carve two or three plates/stamps, ink them and print one stamp on top of the other.

I think I can show it better with photos.  Here is plate one….


On the left is the first print made with the stamp above and on the right.

IMG_1861 Next the second stamp on the right and the print on the left.

IMG_1863 The third plate/stamp is the background on left.


Now, we put them all together…...over the background above you stamp the outline.

IMG_1865 Then the third stamp fills the color in.


I like the off registration look, meaning all of the colors do not line up.  Looks arty in this application… would not like it if you were printing photographs and they came out off-registration, like this, but when you are doing art prints it’s way less critical.

IMG_1867 This gives you a pretty good idea of all three plate/stamps and the step-by-step process.


Same stamp with two colors and some creepy crawler stamps I carved thrown in for good measure. 

If this look intriguing to you, here is a tutorial on how to carve stamps by Alma Stoller.  Try it, you might really, really like it!  I know I do!

Thanks for stopping by.


Julie said...

Oh wow...this is really cool!!! I love the finished result! I am just thinking today I might carve some potatoes for the grandkids to print with (and me too)! Hehehe....

Is this very expensive with the blocks you carve? Will have to check it out at my art store. None-the-less...very nice and I love it!!!

Julie said...

P.S. Love the bugs you did too!!!

Dayna Collins said...

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing the process, too.

Quiltemarerittet said...

Lovely! My daughter have talked about carving stamps. but here in Sweden it´s difficul to buy stamps you can carve on. Where do you buy it?

Quiltemarerittet said...

Lovely! Were do I buy stamps to carve on?