Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock revised…….


I just finished my contribution to Margie’s altered art book today!  In this latest round robin of altered books there are only five of us and you, probably remember, we each choose the theme for our book.  We set the theme with our artwork and then mail it off to the first member, then she does her “thing” and sends it to the next member, on and on, until the wonderful masterpiece returns home…..thus the term, round robin.

Margie’s theme is “mystery, suspense, mayhem”……so I contributed my versions of  movie posters for The Birds and Psycho.


In case you can’t tell, that is Marilyn Manson leering at the nude woman in the “shower”!



Well, that was fun!

Now, I have Amy’s amazing book to work in.  Actually, every book in the round robin is outstanding, every one has really stepped up their game…it is a pleasure to see and to be invited to contribute to these books.


Karen said...

Oh, I love this idea for the round robin, the pages look so sinister and Hitchcock-like. Very, very well done!

Julie said...

These pages actually have an air of spooky to them...great work! They are so mysterious feeling!

Halle said...

Fantastic! In high school we had a unit on Hitchcock movies. We watched Psycho, The Birds and North By Northwest during class and then had to write papers on each movie.