Thursday, December 15, 2011



This is a story about the generosity of our blogger friends!

I’ve never met Julie who lives in Florida, in person, but I know I will like her if I ever do! 

We share a common love of gardening…..she, however, can grow things year around!  I live in Oregon where you can NOT grow things year around (I’m jealous)!  She, also, does crafts with paper, has some really cute grandchildren and makes really cool beads!


Recently, Julie mentioned on her blog A Succulent Life that she makes paper beads.  I wondered if she sold them.  So, I e-mailed her and asked….no, she doesn’t sell them but she would send me some!  And, she did….you can see them in the photo above.  I have a vague idea how these are made but I don’t know the particulars…I know I LOVE them.

Julie was curious about how I was going to use them….I just got them a few days ago, but here are a couple ways I’ve been inspired to use them.


Today I made this flower, to decorate a package, with a mix of Julie’s paper beads, along with glass and wood beads.


I’m, also, adding them to the spine of a book I’m making.IMG_1764

I am really liken’ these beads and I want to incorporate them in some collage soon!  On the other hand, I’m fighting off the urge to hoard them and just keep these “pretties” for myself!

Thank you so much, Julie for your generosity and for the beads and for the renewed inspiration.  You made my Christmas a little brighter.


Terra said...

What a sweetheart to send you such beauties that she created. I would use them in a necklace! Your flower bow and book spine are great uses.

Julie said...

Most of these beads were made by others that I had a paper bead swap with about a year ago...but I have so many!!! I found a whole bag I had made that are not even sealed yet. The best blog to go to to find wonderful inspiration for all kinds of things relating to paper beads is PAPERBEADS.ORG. She has been doing a year of a different project using paper beads each day! This is amazing!
Glad you like them and your projects are really great using that bead flower!!!

elle said...

These are such wonderful beads. I just want to bite them! lol Oh dear. this could lead to another tangent. 2012, here we come.

Halle said...

Gorgeous beads! I'm going to have to check out her blog!

btw--I posted the pages I made for you on my blog today.