Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The devil is in the details…..


It’s interesting how we become so close to our art work that we can’t see it!

Here’s an example of something I thought was done until I blogged about it, then, when I read it the next day…..I don’t think so!  I had “floating” tomatoes…..don’t worry it’s not contagious but it is an example of my not seeing the details.

This is what I thought was finished…….


See that white space under the tomatoes?  They need a shadow, something dark to “ground” them or they look like they are floating….but you knew that!

IMG_1755That’s better!  I, also, shaded around the word tomato to give the letters depth and make them stand out a bit more!

See, the devil is in the details!  There is a fine line between being too picky and fixing, sometimes……given a few days I’ll probably see more things I need to “fix”.


elle said...

If I only blogged for the chance to see what I'm really doing it would be enough. I'm so glad to put it out there and then bring it back for the added touches. Wish I could see it in the before but it doesn't seem to happen that way. Glad I'm not alone.
The fix is great. Thanks for bringing us back.

Dianne said...

love the color and texture in this spread! beautiful!

Sandy Ang said...

Fantastic art journalling !

Michelle said...

WOW...this page is beautiful! Love the colors and I saw nothing wrong with the before. All the layers and textures just make you want to touch this page.....thanks for the inspiration!