Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time for a Blog Redo

Today I decided to take the time to change over to the new Blogger template.  That was easy, except the format became much wider, thing lead to another and now, I have a complete new look!

The photo is of a small shelf that sits beside the bed and holds many treasures that are near and dear to me.

bedroom 010On one shelf sits a "rose ball" I bought, a long time ago, it is a small ball covered with tiny rose buds and next to it, in a small white embroidered frame, is a photo of my sweet hubby.  A little keepsake school photo taken when he was about ten or eleven.

He is still a little cutie in this families eyes! Well, maybe, not so little anymore!

Hope you like my new look!  It's a little pink, but I think it compliments the rose buds.

Besides, pink is just a paler shade of red!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty new look, Jan. I know what you mean about "one thing leading to another" when you're just setting out for a smidge of a change. Same thing happened with me ;) Sweeeet pic of your DH. Love the rose ball, too. Oh, your Captain Jack is a dollie. Happy Pink Saturday to you~

Jean said...

Very nice new look! Jean

Unknown said...

Hi Jan! Like the new look. It seems bigger.

Leigh said...

Hi Mom! I like the new you!Keep on Keepin' on!