Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Award and Find a Friend Friday......


How very first award!2010 05 30 versatile-bloggeraward from AlmostUnschoolers blogspot 

Thanks to Joy at Joy of Desserts it is so exciting and I could not have been more surprised. Thanks you so much, Joy, I could not be more pleased or appreciative.

The conditions for accepting the award?

1. Thank the person/persons who gave you this award.

Thank you so very much, Joy!

2. Tell 7 things about yourself:

  • My garden is my passion.
  • I spent 25 years working in the newspaper business in advertising and management.
  • I have collected, bought and sold antiques most of my adult life.
  • Over the years I have tried my hand at nearly every craft know to man/woman.
  • My dog and I walk a minimum of a mile a day.
  • I paint in acrylics and do collage.
  • I enjoy redecorating and repurposing, so fun to find something at a yard sale and make it into something with a new look and/or purpose.

3.  Pass the award unto 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and think are fantastic.

Now, I bestow this award to 15 recently discovered bloggers who are fantastic.  I know some people do not like receiving awards so if that's the case for you, please just ignore this award, if that is not the case....please "pay it forward".  Enjoy, I think you are FANTASTIC!

  1. Jami at An Oregon Cottage
  2. Mindy at Boboloo
  3. Mary at A Splendid Adventure
  4. Kim at Painting a Dog a Day
  5. Laurie's Charming Design
  6. Sheila at Halo Hill
  7. Debi at Ormolulu
  8. Shelley at Sweet Pea Home
  9. Cachanilla73 at Thrifting - Retro - Vintage
  10. Jacqueline at Cabin and Cottage
  11. Melody at Brown Gingham Creations
  12. Jo at Secret Garden Cottage 
  13. Sandy at Aging Disgracefully
  14. Laura at How I Found My Husband
  15. Myrna at Heirlooms 


Mary said...

Hi Jan, you are so sweet to include me in your list. I appreciate it very much!!


CACHANILLA73 said...

Thanks Jan I love it!!! thanks for stopping by...

Ormolulu said...

THANK YOU, sweet Jan . . . I do appreciate the award! However, I'm up at 5:30 am to leave for Poulsbo. Will answer your questions on my return. Thanks again!!



Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh THANK YOU Jan! This was quiet the unexpected surprise and I love it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Thank you Jan! I'm always flattered to be given an award; and I'm even more pleased to find a new blog friend who shares many of my interests.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Jan! I was a little surprised...I wasn't expecting that. :) This is my first award, so thank you for including my little and rather new blog among your list!
I'm enjoying browsing around your blog, btw. It's lovely!
Have a great day!
~ Jo :-)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Jan! I'm leaving you this message Sunday morning--Your post was Thurs! and I'm only just getting back to you. Three days is so LAST WEEK in the blog world isn't it? But it's been an exciting and busy event week hasn't it!? WHO DOESN'T like to get an award? I'm very honored that you find my blog fantastic! Jacqueline