Sunday, June 13, 2010

Favorite ME?

I've just been waiting for someone to ask............I loved, loved, loved Mary's Home Companion magazine!

Hands down, my all time favorite.....not sure which was worse, when my husband said he wanted a divorce or when I received notice of the discontinuation of Home Companion......JUST KIDDING!!!

ME 004

At one time, I had a copy of every magazine up to and including the first one published.  Never dreaming there would be an end, one day I decided I needed to lighten the magazine I recycled.  I still have every issue back to 1997.


I enjoyed so many things about this magazine and that is why it is so difficult to let go, primarily, I loved the artistic approach to home decorating.  There is matchy-matchy school of decorating and there is the much more creative way.....not necessarily Bohemian but ARTY!

There were several features I enjoyed but mostly the approach to decorating that NO other magazine comes close to understanding, let alone accomplishing.

ME 007So, now my collection only goes back to '97 but they are still the first place I go when I looking for some real decorating inspiration.

Thanks to my friend Sue at Sue Loves Cherries, who is on my blog roll, I noticed she was attending a new party at  Cherry Chick called ME Monday.  Didn't want to miss that one!


Unknown said...

I love that magazine. And going thru them now. i just love the decorating. Magazines now do not compare.. Unfortunatley a couple years ago i got rid of mine. i know STUPID . But now i have been buying them back on Ebay. Just 4 more and i have all hers.. lol. mishelle

Gayla Harper Strain said...

I also have every issue. I even went to the trouble to take out the paper dolls and put them in page protectors. If I have duplicates my granddaughter gets to play with them. I loved it when they printed the artwork on cardstock! I also have those in page protectors. I live by a Michaels and am able to get ME things all the time.

genie said...

Oh, dear, I wonder what in the world happened to my collection.....I still have the paper dolls, but the magazines are sadly missing in action. I guess I’m going to have to start looking for them now :-(. Surely hope they haven’t gone to the "happy hunting ground" for ME magazines....that would be a tragedy. Genie

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Jan! Looks like ME day is just perfect for you!!

Susan and Bentley

Cherry Chick said...

Thank you so very much for joining us and sharing your love of Mary Engelbreit's magazine. I always feel sad when I read on Facebook how many people miss her wonderful magazine.
I'm right there with you when you say "I will always have more projects than time".
I used the Paper Dolls and put them on the sides of my computer armoire. Too cute!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I have all the magazines. They are stashed all over the house. I haven't looked at them for awhile, but I think this summer is the perfect time to bring them out! At least we have our memories, right?

Sonny G said...

I have to admit I've never seen that magazine. Looks like I missed something really good..
Thanks so much for stopping in to visit me , Jan..

your newest follower
Sonny~~Sonny DayDreams

Unknown said...

I was so sorry her publisher made her change that magazine, I looked forward to it every month!!!! On her blog, Mary says she is a little tired of the "old" stuff....I hope not too tired! :) And I sure scope out Michaels a lot more now....:)