Thursday, January 21, 2010

You might like this idea!

The magazine Cloth Paper Scissors is hosting a "pendant/charm" swap. I've always thought swaps sounded like fun but I've not ever participated in one, so I thought I'd give this one a try.

It is simple just mail one of the charms you have made, of any material, but they want it to be no larger than 1" in diameter and no larger than 2" long, 1/4" thick. There is a five dollar charge.

You will receive someone else's charm in exchange for yours which I'm looking forward to!

You can learn more on Cloth Paper Scissors web-site or the January/February issue.

Here is a photo of my entry which is made with a flattened spoon cut to heart shape, a watch case with a brass heart, a definition from a French dictionary and filled with Diamond Glaze. Under the watch case is a piece of ribbon, some tatting and a flower made from some tiny shells.

The deadline for entry is April 5, so you have lots of time. Go for it!

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