Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who said we must keep learning?

For some reason, I keep learning stuff about this technological world I did not know I needed to know.  Someone suggested it was easier to build a blog page in Windows Live, so I had to try it.  We will see where this little experiment takes me!

Decided to do a little cutting back and clean up in the front yard since it was such a nice day………I’ll include a few photos (part of the Windows Live learning curve) of my front yard.  Last year, with the help of my son and husband, I completely remodeled the front yard.  No more lawn, many more plants.Yard and Emma 054 Ron and Jeff’s dug out and laid this shale walkway from the front door to my small raised bed vegetable garden.   

Yard and Emma 057 I made this piece of yard art out of three metal rings that held an old half barrel together.  Simply drilled a hole on each end and bolted them together.  Then I hung a large bell in the middle.  I like it.

old girls 025


This is the center mound with a very small fig tree in the middle, to the left of the sundial.  Also, planted three mini, will only get 18” tall, blueberries on the mound.

There is a landscape rose, some lavender, wooly thyme and other ground covers on the mound, too.

I have many more photos but I’ll spare you………..for now.

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Toni Youngblood, aka "Sparky" said...

I admire what you've done with your yard, getting rid of the lawn and the new layout and planting. I have vague plans for this direction in my own little yard coming in the spring.