Monday, January 25, 2010

The first of every year I feel the need to get organized! I clean out some cupboards, throw away some magazines, go through my know, lighten up. This year has been no different except I really have been getting rid of "stuff".

I want a whole new look for the living room. I bought some really cool chairs and a lamp at IKEA. My goal is to go for a really clean look...........only problem is.......I have, through the years, collected some precious, to me, treasures. My idea of a treasure is something that is rusty, dented and has peely, alligatored paint. So, this will not be the Pottery Barn/IKEA look but something either eclectic or just doesn't go together worth a darn.

Time will tell.

Here are my chairs and a glimpse of some of our Bauer pottery collection, my old silver, mirrors and sea shells............oh, and I love little railroad buildings, milk glass, Jadite, enameled bowls and don't forget RUGS.

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Toni Youngblood, aka "Sparky" said...

Hi Jan:
I love the modern/contemporary clean lines look in combo with antiques! You go girl! I was considering those transparent IKEA chairs for my new breakfast room around the traditional breakfast table myself a while ago. I'll probably be using what I already have for a while in order to be sure and keep within my budget for finishing the breakfast room construction! Thanks for signing up as a follower of my blog WALLMARKS. When I return from "fishin'", I'll be posting a bit more on the topic of modern/contemporay furnishings on WALLMARKS.