Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's been a great week........NOT! 

I've had the flu/cold whatever the heck it is that is going around and I'm DAMN tired of it!  Last time I was out of the house was last Thursday.  I think I'm on the upside of things but the worst symptom, of the week, has been......brain FOG!  Holy cow, is there a pill for that?  I have not been sick for a very long time....years, I guess I was due.  I'm, also, very ready to be done with it!

Needless to say, I've not been drawing faces.....I tried, they were pathetic but I've got a sketch I did in our journaling class that I haven't shared.

So, this is 29 Faces Challenge # 5 thru #11!
As if most of you haven't already seen enough is Oregon's contribution.  Most of you would laugh at what this much snow does for this part of the country.....we are almost as bad as Atlanta.  For three of my sick days, I couldn't have gone anywhere if I wanted to.....the little town I live in doesn't own a snow plow!

 I'll end with a little show and tell......these are a few of the journal pages that were made by our brilliant students in our Creative Journaling class.

Thank you to our special ladies for making this a memorable class for the teachers!  It was such a wonderfully diverse group who shared with their hearts, minds and hands....'till we meet again.



Unknown said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. That flu thing is no fun. Love your sketches- thanks for sharing your student work as well. We're awaiting, yet, another storm. Sounds like we'll get close to a foot starting tomorrow. I don't usually mind winter but this one has been challenging in many ways. Poor Atlanta is getting hit once again - yikes!

Take care.

elle said...

I don't get sick often and DON'T like it when I do. My poor cold hubby is getting very tired of shoveling our walks and paths. It has been a tad ridiculous this year. The examples look great!

Clare Lloyd said...

Lovely drawings for the 29 faces.