Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nature Journaling.......


I'm celebrating Spring by taking a nature journaling on-line class taught by Oregon artist Roxanne Stout.  You can learn more about the class at River Garden Studio and see more of Roxanne's lovely work.

Lesson #1.......Set up an outdoor studio!  Why not?  I already have every available surface inside the house covered with my art "stuff".............




This will do!

It is on the east side of the house so it works better in the afternoon or early evening, that's my usual playtime!




IMG_4125 This is the view from my new "studio" space and I will be accompanied by my "flock"..........





....low maintenance and very quiet, no complaints from the neighbors!






Class started off with making color charts.  I am such a watercolor novice.  I took classes years ago, I mean YEARS ago and was totally intimidated by the medium and never tried again, until recently.  I hoping this class will help me overcome some of that fear and negativity.







Class project #1.  It's O.K. but there is too much pink in the center.  I'm playing around with watercolor pencils using them to add highlights and clean up edges.









Project #2....I had a hard time drawing the shape of the Campanula's petal, so I'm happier with some of the flowers than others.  I did not capture the cup shape as well as I would have liked, either.  It's all about those crazy and illusive lights and darks!

As I keep saying...practice, practice, practice!

Loving this class and being inspired...that counts for a lot in my book!


elle said...

Great studio with your flock of admirers! It is also great to be inspired.

Julie said...

Lookin good, Jan!!!! Love your accompanying chickens!!!!! said...


Patrice said...

Love the blues in your campanulas!

rivergardenstudio said...

You are doing a wonderful job! I love your studio space, your color chart is free and loose and your flowers beautiful!! I am almost ready to put the next post up tomorrow for our workshop!!